Initiated by the TRON network, the TRON DAO Reserve aims to safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market, prevent panic trading caused by financial crises, and mitigate severe economic downturns. The TRON DAO Reserve oversees TRON-based mainstream stablecoins as well as manages Decentralized USD (USDD) on TRON as its early custodian and ensures its price stability with reserves.

Regulate Stablecoin Market

The TRON DAO Reserve stabilizes the exchange rates of centralized and decentralized stablecoins on TRON and other blockchains by setting risk-free yield and regulating the market through liquidity provision. It also intends to formulate and implement monetary and exchange rate policies and play the role of a lender of last resort.

Manage Financial Risks

The TRON DAO Reserve issues and safeguards reserve assets of multiple blockchains or blockchain-powered financial institutions to minimize systemic risks and ensure the stability of the financial market in the blockchain industry.

Risk-Free Yield Guidance

The TRON DAO Reserve provides risk-free yield subsidies for mainstream stablecoins on the TRON network. Supported by smart contracts on multiple platforms, it offers users higher APYs while safeguarding their assets.

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